BizNews – Akio Unified: a qualitative boost for Bruneau’s customer service thanks to AI


Vincent GELBARD, Customer Service Manager at Bruneau, the French leader in office supplies, shares his experience of integrating Artificial Intelligence into the contact center with Akio Unified. 

This year marks a period of major transition for customers and employees, highlighting the crucial role of AI in improving the Customer Experience. At the heart of this transformation, contact centers are seeing the emergence of new opportunities to optimize the quality of interactions with new functionalities on customer relationship management platforms.

At Bruneau, the objective is clear: to guarantee an irreproachable quality of service to customers, while taking advantage of technological advances to exceed their expectations.

Needs and solutions implemented in the contact center 

The move to adopt AI is driven by a constant desire to improve processes and respond better and faster to customer requests. With tools such as the ChatBot developed in-house, the company offers personalised and efficient assistance, while reducing response times.


The initial results of the introduction of AI are promising. We have already seen an increase in team productivity and a significant improvement in the quality of customer responses. This has freed up time for higher value-added activities, such as coaching and proactive complaints management.

  • 20% increase in productivity

Some people handled 2 more files per hour on complaint e-mails over the period.

  • 75% of e-mails processed in less than 4 hours

An ambitious response target in the interests of customer satisfaction, and customer service agents who have the resources to achieve it.

The benefits of AI for customer service teams

Vincent GELBARD during the All4Customer Paris 2024 conference – Dynamic analysis of customer interactions: a qualitative boost for the agent thanks to AI – Extract 1 (in french)

“As far as the teams, the customer service agents, are concerned, the new AI functionalities are freeing up their time.
I’ve had people come up to me and say ‘Wow, this has finally lifted a load off my shoulders! Because for me, writing an email to a customer, formulating ideas and structuring things, I find it hard. With this tool, I can work much faster and there’s less pressure on me to produce.”

The benefits of AI for contact center supervisors 

V. GELBARD during the All4Customer Paris 2024 conference – Dynamic analysis of customer interactions: a qualitative boost for advisors thanks to AI – Extract 2 (in french)

“With AKIO, there is an option to validate a selection of emails, a percentage, to make sure that spelling, grammar and processes are respected.
And so, for the people whose emails we used to validate, because there were fears, today all this part has fallen to 0%.
As you can see, this frees up the managers’ time so that they can spend more time on other issues with their teams.
Another operational advantage of this type of tool is that there’s no need to spend hours training people. You show the person how it works and, because it’s all in natural language, it’s finally done, literally, naturally.”

Security, compliance and privacy 

Despite the undeniable advantages of AI, the company remains attentive to the challenges of data security and confidentiality. Our commitment to complying with the RGPD is guiding our actions, ensuring that the data processed by AI tools is systematically anonymised as far as possible.

In conclusion: vision and future 

The integration of AI into customer service marks a true industrial revolution, propelling the sector to new heights in terms of efficiency and customer experience. At Bruneau, Vincent is convinced that these innovations are not replacing human beings, but supporting them in their operational excellence, paving the way for ever more effective and personalised customer relations.

In this era of digital transformation, AI represents a powerful tool for meeting the complex challenges of customer relations, while enhancing the skills and expertise of agents.