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Improve the customer experience with, the 100% omnichannel contact center software!

  • All channels, both voice and digital, in one single interface
  • Unified communications and collaborative tools
  • Voice of the Customer analysis and eReputation

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Canal téléphone


Incoming and outgoing calls. SIP and WebRTC communications. Remote or teleworking sites

canaux digitaux mail


AI assistant to suggest relevant responses. Business knowledge base and standard messages

canaux digitaux webbox


Greeting message settings, access to the database of standard responses and customer history, various attachment formats



Management of Facebook Messenger conversations, with the same user-friendly interface as other channels

canaux digitaux twitter


Management of private Twitter interactions (DMs), with the same user-friendly interface as other channels

canal video conference


Telephone communications via CTI connectors, chat or video, with visibility on the availability of in-house experts


Unified management of omnichannel customer service interactions with call and contact center software

Serving customers well is an increasingly complicated challenge, as new channels of communication generate complex interaction processes. AKIO transforms the agent into a Smart Advisor who is in the best possible position to interact with customers, thanks to call center software, a comprehensive and modular tool for improving customer satisfaction. The platform equips call and contact centers, customer services and outsourcers in France and around the world with a built-in omnichannel solution – voice, e-mail, Chat, SMS, social networks (Twitter, Facebook): a unified interface that simplifies the work of agents and makes it easier to manage activity.


Customer referrals


They have chosen AKIO

As far as quality of service is concerned, we have seen a clear improvement. We have gone from 70% to 95% or even 97%.
Thomas GALY
The initial results of the transition to AI for the contact center are promising, with, in particular, a 20% productivity gain for the teams.
Adopting the AKIO platform has transformed our customer ser. Our lives have changed with the benefits of multi-user collaboration.


Your call center and customer service software

A platform that is easy to deploy and use, all-in-one and scalable, that interfaces effortlessly with other customer service tools – CRM, BI, EDM, etc.

Logiciel service clients


Omnichannel call center software: voice channels (inbound calls, Interactive Voice Server, Web Call Back, outbound campaigns, etc.) and digital channels (email, Chat, social networks, etc.)

support logiciel service client


Experienced business consultants: definition of functional and technical requirements, configuration, support, workshops and training. Beyond the tool, a team at your side

Logiciel centre d'appels cloud


Cloud platform, multi-channel routing, Artificial Intelligence, automation, and integration pack (CRM interface banner, API library, Webhooks and Datamart)

voix du client

Akio Insights

Voice of the customer: contact center verbatim, customer satisfaction surveys, web ratings & reviews, social networks + eReputation and market knowledge: print & online monitoring and analysis.

“Transforming for ever greater simplicity, with Customer Service software that makes the work of agent and supervisors easier. Transforming to improve the Customer Experience with advanced technologies in omnichannel, collaborative working and Artificial Intelligence. Transforming with agility for a new world where Customer Knowledge and Data Security are key”

Patrick GIUDICELLI, AKIO President 


The platform is a call center software package composed of 3 complementary offers that enable companies to strengthen customer relations by providing the means to answer more effectively whatever channel is used, by leveraging internal expertise thanks to collaborative tools, by analysing customer conversations and by helping to share customer knowledge internally.

Akio Unified

One screen, one unique database to manage all client interactions. Improve the customer, agent and supervisor experience with Akio Unified omnichannel contact center software.

Akio TWS

Unified communications, collaborative agenda, videoconferences, Chat, softphone, messaging or SMS, remote access… collaborative working has never been easier nor more effective.

Akio Insights

A single platform for tracking all customer feedback and market information. A comprehensive tool for monitoring and analysing media coverage, contact center verbatim and conversations on social networks, blogs and forums.

Logo Akio Unified avec baseline


Why choose Akio Unified contact center and customer service software?

Akio Unified is the first unified customer experience management platform with equal maturity across voice, print, web and mobile channels. From a single point in your information system, in a all in one application, you can manage all the communication media available to your customers, throughout their customer journey.


Why choose the Akio TWS collaborative tool?

Akio TWS enables any member of staff to communicate via any media (telephone, email, message, chat, videoconference). Ideal for remote working, these collaborative tools will enable your agents to respond more effectively to customer requests.

logo Akio TWS Travail collaboratif
Logo Akio Insights avec baseline


Why choose the Akio Insights verbatim & conversation analysis platform?

Voice of the customer semantic analysis and Reputation management have become a strategic activity for companies. Thanks to Akio Insights, the Customer Experience Manager can analyse conversations to deduce the most significant trends during exchanges. The trends detected by Akio Insights can help to improve customer service and corporate strategy.


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