Akio TWS, when your communication tools become collaborative tools

Thanks to our communication tools, no-one will ever have to wonder how to contact Sofia or Marek, whether they are available, when they will be available or whether a videoconference is possible…

Akio TWS enables any employee to communicate via any medium (telephone, email, message, chat, videoconference) with any person or group of people, in any situation and whatever your existing equipment. In particular, it is an essential complement to the processing of contact center queries, whenever their resolution requires collaborative work.

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With our collaborative tools, you can call with or without a phone. 

Anywhere, with anyone, in any situation, whatever your equipment.

In the age of video, instant messaging, WebRTC and softphony, communication as we once knew it, with a telephone connected to a PABX, is just one of the many possibilities available to you. We have entered the knowledge age. In an increasingly competitive environment, knowing how to communicate effectively, whether in-house or in a contact center, is becoming vital. Without calling your existing tools into question, equip yourself with an exceptional communications potential: click2call, call control, but also presence management, collaboration space, mobile working, new media, omnichannel tools, dashboards, integration of directories, business databases, CRM, vertical applications, etc.

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You can reach anyone, anywhere, anyhow… 

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Plug & play

Hosted in the cloud, Akio TWS can be configured quickly and integrated into your corporate telephony and contact center systems.
By its very nature, using standard protocols and APIs, Akio TWS is open to all telephony platforms and infrastructures (ALE, Mitel, Unify, Asterisk, Centrex, etc.); connects to all directories, contact folders and business databases; and integrates with most office software (Office 365, Outlook-Exchange, G-Suite, Zimbra) and business applications (CRM, ERP, vertical applications, etc.).

Presence management

The Akio TWS banner gives you simple and immediate access to all your company’s employees: consult their profiles, availability and diaries, and get in touch with them regardless of their equipment. All you need is a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Communications unifiées : Gestion des présences
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Multimedia & collaboration tools

Akio TWS gives every employee immediate and easy access to a SIP softphone, so they can call a correspondent even if they don’t have a telephone, using a PC and an Internet connection. It also offers videoconferencing, internal chat and application sharing functions.

Bénéfices Akio TWS

The advantages of collaborative tools

Akio TWS is first and foremost a guarantee of time savings, productivity and ease of use for every employee:

  • between 10 seconds and 1 minute saved per outgoing call searching for contact details
  • between 5 and 10 seconds saved on dialling per outgoing call
  • between 10 and 20 seconds saved per incoming call on displaying relevant information about the caller
  • greater fluidity and time savings when carrying out complex operations (switching to a conference of 3 or more people, switching to video, chat, placing on hold, programming/activating referrals, filters, etc.)

It’s also the promise of being able to deal effectively with the most complex customer requests, thanks to the collaborative features of these communication tools.

All of this can be accessed quickly and simply, without calling into question the choices made upstream (PBX, business applications, etc.): it’s the assurance of a rapid return on investment, and a long-term investment.