Akio Unified: simple, effective omnichannel software to improve customer satisfaction

Given the growing complexity of the customer relations business, opt for omnichannel software that combines the simplicity of 360° request processing with the efficiency provided by AI and collaborative tools.

Logiciel service clients - Outils de communication

Akio Unified, omnichannel software for contact centers

  • Intelligent distribution: distribute calls (via IVR, Interactive voice Response) and digital requests to the right customer service advisor.
  • Omnichannel software: one screen, one database to manage all interactions.
  • Modular offering: integrate channels (Voice, Email, Chat, Social Networks, Call campaigns, etc.) independently at your own pace.
  • Efficiency for your Advisors: AI assistance and collaborative tools to respond quickly and appropriately.

You inevitably know a customer service equipped with Akio Unified

Omnichannel software, 100% simple and effective

logiciel omnicanal


Automatic recognition of incoming contacts (Automatic Contact Distribution), analysis of their request and routing to the right advisor according to their skills, availability and relationship history, with the option of setting up an Interactive Voice Response.

Logiciel service clients - Outils de communication

100% omnichannel environment

Omnichannel software: all channels (voice, email, chat, social media, SMS, etc.) are 100% integrated, but can be installed progressively.

bannière unified

cross-channel management

Optimised interface: a single screen to handle several requests simultaneously (voice, email, chat, Facebook, Twitter), unified customer file, multi-channel history and cross-channel management capabilities.


Augmented Advisor Interface

Full SaaS software accessible via the web, SIP and WebRTC communications, including remote sites and teleworking. A single screen to manage all requests, whatever the channel.



Voice features : incoming call, IVR, calls to the right advisor (available, competent, preferred). Number recognition. Customer history file with possible access to CRM or billing. Notepad, wrap-up, transfer... Outbound campaigns.



Artificial Intelligence analysis of the request, automatic proposal of a relevant response from a business knowledge base. Response assistance toolbox (validation, corrector, qualification sheet, etc.)

logiciel omnicanal


Greeting message settings, real-time processing of requests, access to standard response database and customer history, multi-channel file merge, attachments, etc.

logiciel omnicanal

Social media

Management of private Facebook Messenger and Twitter (X) requests on a screen with the same ergonomics as the other channels and the same tools (unified customer file, knowledge base, etc.).

logiciel omnicanal

Web Call Back and deferred WCB

With Akio Unified, visitors to your site can ask you to call them back, either as soon as possible, or on a date scheduled in the Advisor's diary.

logiciel omnicanal

Outbound call Campaigns

Preview or progressive dialling, access to callback diary, integration of external scripts and prospecting files


Collaborative tools

Employee directory with presence management, telephone communication via CTI connectors, chat or videoconferencing.


CRM and business applications integration

Designed from the outset to integrate flexibly with any standard application on the market: connector, API library, external form call, Webhook, etc.

intégration téléphonique


Double listening, productivity indicators, recordings, hot re-skilling, sending of reports and picking tasks, pre-existing or customisable reports...



Dashboard advisor for monitoring individual performance, customisable dashboards and real-time supervisor indicators. Wallboard, CSV, Datamart export...

cloud et tenant

Multi-client SaaS

Full SaaS environment (data hosted in France in a private cloud), multi-tenant software that allows sub-divisions with impermeability between customer spaces.

Robust, flexible and RGPD omnichannel software

Akio Unified is a software application available in SaaS mode. The data are hosted in a private cloud in France, at Equinix, which has all the necessary quality and security certificates (ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, HDA/HADS, etc.). The annual availability of Services is guaranteed at 99.9%, and up to 99.999% for customers in sensitive environments, including for high volumes (>1,000 agents, 50,000 emails or calls/month).

AKIO is an ARCEP-registered telecoms operator. We can therefore port any telephone number in your Contact Center for you. In addition, our applications are interoperable with all telephone systems (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, etc.).

All data hosted by AKIO is RGPD compliant (privacy by design).


The advantages

Choosing Akio Unified means opting for software that transforms complexity into simplicity. For omnichannel software that provides greater efficiency in the processing of requests, for the utmost customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by DHL (CX Awards 2020), Kiabi (CX Awards 2021), Interflora, Bruneau (Customer Service of the Year 2020)…

It also means choosing the most innovative French software on the market. AKIO customers were the first to benefit from integrated Artificial Intelligence, responses suggestion, unification of voice and digital channels and analysis of customer feedback.

Finally, it means choosing an unrivalled level of support. With AKIO, you can take part every three weeks in product development reviews, every quarter in user clubs, and every year in a Meet-Up, the meeting for Customer Relations professionals. And of course, our Customer Success Managers and our project and support teams are there to support, advise and guide you well beyond the operational launch.