Editor of the omnichannel call centre software Akio.cx

In a context of increased competition, the quality of the response delivered to clients has become a major stake for all companies. With the customer service software tool Akio.cx, your customer service will develop a personalised experience for your clients, regardless which channel they choose (voice, e-mail, chat, social media, etc.), thanks to unified client knowledge that is reinforced by semantic analysis.


AKIO’s Vision and Mission

AKIO is one of the major software editors in Europe, with over 10 000 users all over the world. Our Akio.cx platform is designed for call centres and customer service departments. It is the only native omnichannel software on the market, a strength that is recognised by Gartner as being essential in the improvement of client satisfaction and understanding your clients.

Distributed by major telephone operators, member of the BPI Excellence innovation network, the company has built its success on four core values: humility, kindness, ambition and openness.


Process, Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Akio Cloud


Specifically created for a cloud environment, our software is designed to bring security, flexibility and simplicity. Its elastic architecture guarantees resilience and makes it easy to increase usage. The devops team at Akio carry out frequent updates, to take into account clients’ needs.

Akio Agilité


The product teams have placed the agile values and methods at the heart of their development programme. Quality, reactivity, adaptation and continuous improvement, with the aim of providing concrete solutions that meet clients’ needs, both B2B and B2C, in all sectors of activity.

Akio Ampoule


Akio’s team of experts work continuously to improve our semantic analysis engine to provide more precise analysis of conversations – voice of the customer – and continue to innovate with the use of artificial intelligence to improve client experience.

AKIO Ecosystem

Our partners include consultants, technology firms, outsourcers, integrators…

Akio.cx Platform

The company develops the Akio.cx platform: a solution used by client relations and call centres of SMEs, major groups and institutions, from 5 to several thousand agents. The software suite is designed for the unified management of omnichannel client interactions: voice, email, chat, messaging, social media… equipped with a module for the semantic analysis of client feedback and e-Reputation monitoring. 

logiciel relation client omnicanal


Trade fairs, afterwork events, workshops … There is always something happening in Akio’s dynamic ecosystem!

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