Akio Insights: Voice of the Customer and Reputation

Because improving the customer experience is becoming the differentiating factor for any business, analysing the voice of the customer and social listening have become strategic activities. With Akio Insights, analyse all customer verbatim and monitor your reputation to be alerted in real time and stay one step ahead benefiting from strategic and operational insights.

bannière insights la voix du client

One platform, two offers

Dashboard Insights

For Customer Relations Departments: Akio Insights VoC, (Voice of the Customer) software for the semantic analysis of omnichannel customer feedback, conversations and opinions on the web.

For Communication Departments: Akio Insights Reputation, market analysis software, competitive benchmarking, image monitoring on the web and social networks.

A powerful, user-friendly platform

connaissance client la voix du client

Towards Customer Knowledge

A unified platform for tracking and analysing all customer contacts, a genuine tool for managing customer satisfaction and improving customer knowledge.

Analyse entreprise la voix du client

For the entire company

Operational Insights that can be used by Customer Services, Communications and Marketing, but also by Product Management, the Supply Chain... and, of course, the CEO.

analyse verbatim la voix du client

Voice of the customer analysis

Semantic analysis of content from different customer contact points: emails, community chats, social conversations, satisfaction surveys, reviews, etc.

la voix du client

eReputation monitoring

A comprehensive tool for monitoring and analysing media coverage and conversations on social networks, blogs and forums to keep track of what's being said about you and your market.

nlp la voix du client

Linguistic analysis system

The NLP analysis engine (or TAL, Automatic Language Processing) analyses customer content in real time according to pre-trained language models.

sentiments la voix du client

Analysis of opinions

Detection of opinions - positive, negative, neutral - and methods of expression (question, injunction, etc.) based on an AI engine (machine learning).

ia la voix du client centre de contacts

Topics detection

The analysis engine identifies the subjects and structures the information into topics: customer journey, branches of activity, products, competition... for information that can be used immediately.

ergonomie la voix du client

Customisable dashboards

Dynamic dashboards can be used to track what customers are saying in real time, monitor known topics and identify emerging issues.


360° platform

A unified interface bringing together all content (emails, Chats, surveys, ratings, social media, etc.) for real-time, cross-disciplinary analysis of customer conversations, and tools for optimal information sharing.

alarme la voix du client


Alerts on potentially sensitive subjects (attrition, product complaints, legal threats), substantial increase in the volume of a topic (price, size, delivery, payment....) to detect weak signals


Targeted newsletters

Customised newsletters to relay the latest information in a targeted manner (customer service, customer experience, marketing, product, logistics, etc.): top positive/negative comments, most frequently discussed subjects, customer suggestions, etc.

ad hoc

Analysis reports

Quantitative and qualitative reports on current events over the past period or ad hoc analyses: indicators, graphs, comments and analytical summaries put into perspective with customer feedback.


Local private cloud

Accessible as SaaS from any web-connected computer, 24/7. Data hosted in France in an ultra-secure private cloud. Fully compliant RGPD management.



Dedicated project manager, team of experts in linguistics, research and IT, to organise and structure the information, manage the project and help you identify insights.

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