Contact Centre software, the omnichannel contact centre software

In order to continuously improve customer satisfaction levels, businesses need to provide a seamless and optimised customer experience, especially at key moments of interaction with clients. Akio Unified, at the heart of the call centre software, enables you to manage client conversations across all channels – voice, (management of both inbound and outbound calls), email, chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter…- and with the Akio Insights module, you can analyse the ‘voice of the customer’ and your e-Reputation.

Discover how our platform can transform your customer experience! 

Akio Unified, customer service software for voice and digital channels

A natively omnichannel tool that allows businesses to manage all communication channels through a unified interface. Robust and scalable, it guarantees an unprecedented level of quality, regardless of the variations in volume. Its collection of web APIs make it easy to integrate with your other CRM tools. 

Augmented agent interface

Environnement Muli-tenant

Ergonomic and simple

- Compatible with any web browser
- Unified interface for all channels
- Vertical menu for navigation and status
- Contextualised interaction management


Unified Client File

- 360°view of contacts with each client
- Multichannel history
- Automatic contact recognition

Logiciel service client

Unified omnichannel tool

Traitement de la demande

Seamless views, regardless of the channel

- Switch channels on the same interface
- Simultaneous management of multiple interactions

Distribution des appels

Automatic Contact Distribution

- Intelligent interaction distribution
- Skill and availability criteria
- "Preferred agent" functionality to direct client requests to the agent that handled the previous request

Logiciel service client

Voice channel - Telephone, IVR and WCB

Logiciel service client

Inbound and outbound calls

- Interactive Voice Server
- Skill based distribution
- Real-time supervision
- Number portability
- All types of special phone numbers

Transfert de la demande

Outbound campaigns

- Preview or progressive dialling
- Access to planned call-backs
- "Preferred agent" functionality
- Integration of external scripts and prospection lists

Logiciel service client

Unified Communications

Logiciel service client

WebRTC communications

- SIP & WebRTC communications, including remote & home working.

Environnement Muli-tenant

Presence Management

- Quick view of colleague presence (phone status, calendar, TWS presence), and availability
- Centralised directory

Logiciel service client


- Phone and softphone ; chat ; audio- or video-conference ; application sharing ; mail ; SMS
- Compatible with Alcatel-Lucent Entreprise (OXO & OXE), Mitel (MiVoice 5000 / MiVoice 400 / MiVoice Business), Siemens-Unify (OpenScape Business / OpenScape Voice), SIP phones (Yealink / Snom)

Logiciel service client


- Chat ; audio- or video-conference ; application sharing ;
- Shared call queues


IS and business application integration

- Native integration with the main CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Sugar, …)
- Build-in connectors towards : directory (LDAP, AD), database (ODBC, SQL), contacts and calendar (Outlook, Office 365, Zimbra, G-Suite …)
- 100% Web Services based integration Toolkit

Unified Communications highlights

Picto Intelligence Artificielle

Artificial intelligence and unified interface

- Omnichannel client file
- AI assistant to suggest email responses
- Customisable knowledge base with standard responses
- Direct access to external experts and other services and tools

Logiciel service client

Management of activity and customer service teams

- Agent dashboard for personal performance management
- Collaborative desktop for overview of team activity and status of interaction management

Logiciel service client

Supervisor tools

Logiciel service client

Customisable dashboards

- Easily configure supervision
dashboards and export as wallboards
- Manage individual channels and visualise consolidated KPIs of omnichannel activity

Logiciel service client

Real-time Supervision

- Follow your KPIs in real-time
- Validate outbound emails
- Manage agents: call monitoring, disconnection, call recording, instant skill modification

Logiciel service client


- Select tables and graphics
- Plan distribution of regular reports and ‘picking’ tasks
- Use predefined or personalised reports
- Export data in different formats - CSV, XLS..- or via a datamart (can be connected, as an option, to feed Business Intelligence tools)

Logiciel service client

Administration module

Logiciel service client

Multi-tenant environment and multiple business units

- Manage several internal or external teams within the same environment (After-sales service, Customer Support, Complaints...)
- Sub-divisions possible, with separation of data between business units

Logiciel service client


- Configure the in-built IVR in the voice module, with different call strategies possible (Call-Back, transfer to voice mail...)
- Distribution of calls (inbound/outbound), emails, chats, Facebook Messenger, letters, fax, SMS... based on 3 criteria: availability, history, and skill levels

Akio Unified 6

Customer service management

Logiciel service client

Customise client relations

- Manage users, queues and skills
- Configure agent desktop: status, wrap-up time, work agenda
- Configure templates (HTML e-mails, introduction and conclusion, etc..)
- Define qualification criteria - Manage knowledge base with standard responses
- Manage teleworking - Free sitting

Logiciel service client

Akio Insights, the voice of the customer in one click

The Akio Insights module on the platform is based on a semantic analysis engine to understand “the voice of the customer” and measure Brand Reputation. Based on linguistic rules and artificial intelligence, it enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of client feedback across all channels:  e-mail, chat, social media, customer surveys, forums, opinion platforms.

Voice of the Customer : Internal data

Logiciel service client

Client discourse

Integration of feedback from all client relations channels: content of chat conversations and e-mails, exchanges on Facebook Messenger, responses to customer surveys, etc

Logiciel service client

Semantic analysis

Analysis of the tone to detect opinions, needs and irritants at each stage of the customer journey, as a supplement to NPS ratings.

Picto Intelligence Artificielle

Artificial Intelligence

AI and semantic engine: multilingual categorisation of data based on customisable sector-specific analysis grids

Analyse des données clients

Voice of the Customer : External data

Logiciel service client

Web and social media monitoring

On-line media comments, forums, social media, image and video sharing, and opinion websites

Traitement de la demande

Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Linguistic expertise and analytics engine to carry out text-mining of spontaneous customer feedback on the web

Logiciel service client

Multichannel analysis

Overview of all client feedback (interactions with call centre and spontaneous feedback on the web) for detailed understanding of the voice of the customer

Logiciel service client

E-reputation - market and brand monitoring

Logiciel service client

Interactive dashboards

Monitoring of brands reputation and market issues, on a user-friendly platform:
- Personalised dashboards (visibility, customer journey, influencers, events, benchmark...)
- Full access to all data
- Data visualisation tools

Logiciel service client

Marketing and Communication

- Extract insights from the mass of unstructured data
- Identification of trends and weak signals
- Internal reporting for Client Experience, Marketing, Communications departments
- Monitoring of influencers, impact analysis for online and offline campaigns

Logiciel service client

Real-time alerts

Detection of peaks in volume, monitoring of critical issues or sensitive topics

Logiciel service client

E-reputation - Reporting Social Listening

Logiciel service client


- Daily or weekly, with a selection of documents
- Criteria: source, importance, tone and / or volume
- Synthesis: qualitative analysis of buzz on a topic

Logiciel service client

Analysis reports

- Carried out by a team of multilingual experts, customisation of deliverables
- Composed of quantitative and qualitative indicators, qualitative analysis of data, synthesis of feedback
- Formal reports or ad-hoc studies of positions of parties implicated (consumers, media, associations, experts...) in a specific topic

e-reputation - reporting