Akio TWS: unified communications tools for collaborative work

Unified communications, collaborative diaries, video conference , chat, IP softphony, messaging or SMS, mobile access… Whether it’s for internal communications or a contact center, enter the era of shared knowledge with a single software application that’s immediately accessible, whatever your existing equipment.

Akio TWS

Akio TWS features

Communications unifiées : Gestion des présences

Presence management

See whether your colleagues are on the phone, busy, absent, and check their diaries (Office 365 synchronisation, G-Suite, Zimbra, etc.).

Outils de communication

Unified communications

Telephone, softphone, chat, video, application sharing, e-mail, SMS... Choose the best way to communicate with your contacts using a single interface.

Communications unifiées : conférence


Organise on-the-fly conferences including chat, audio, video and desktop sharing (up to 25 participants, including 9 in HD video and desktop sharing)

Communications unifiées : pilotage téléphonique

Telephone management

Control all telephony functions at the click of a button: pick up, hold, transfer calls, 3-way conferencing, divert, alternate, hang up...

Communications unifiées :SOFTPHONE IP SUR PC

IP Softphone on PC

Make calls from your PC. Whether you're on the move or working from home, you can benefit from all the features of Akio TWS while remaining connected to your company telephony system.

Communications unifiées :SOFTPHONE IP SUR SMARTPHONE

IP softphone on smartphone

With Akio TWS Mobile, collaborative functions can be embedded on your iOS or Android smartphone as an extension to your corporate telephony and IS.

Communications unifiées :Numérotation universelle

Automatic dialling

Highlight a phone number on a web page or in an application and automatically launch the call with a single click or using a keyboard shortcut.

Communications unifiées : remontée de fiche

Identification of callers

If the caller's number is listed in a connected directory, the identification information is displayed and you can open the record in your CRM.

Communications unifiées : filtres et renvois d'appels

Intelligent call filtering and forwarding

Automatically direct your incoming calls according to a number of criteria, such as your availability, the caller's identity, etc., and receive your voice messages by email.

Accueil téléphonique intelligent

Intelligent telephone reception

TWS Smart Attendant is the first intelligent PC-based Operator Console on the market, displaying the staff most frequently requested by the caller.

Communications unifiées : Pilotage téléphonique

Shared waiting queues

Call queues display the names of callers and allow authorised employees to pick up the call of their choice (with waiting time).

Communications unifiées : Intégration téléphonique

Telephone integration

Easily add telephony functionality to your business applications - or develop communicating applications yourself - using the TWS Toolkit.

Unified communications integration

Akio TWS is multi-platform (Aastra-Mitel-Ericsson, Alcatel OXO and OXE, Siemens HiPath-Unify OpenScape, Cisco UCM, direct control of SNOM, Yealink and Mitel SIP extensions). A single Akio TWS server can simultaneously control heterogeneous telephony environments.

Our connectors plug into most directories and calendars, and more than 70 business applications (SalesForce, MS CRM Dynamics, MC CRM Dynamics 365, MS CRM Navision, Sage CRM, E-Deal, Sugar CRM, etc.).