AKIO Software Security: A Guarantee of Trust and Compliance with Standards

AKIO places information security at the very heart of its priorities. The company has been committed to complying with current data security regulations and standards for many years. In line with this commitment, on 20 January 2023 AKIO obtained ISO 27001 certification, the international benchmark for information security.


The certification covers “Operational activities for the operation, supervision and support of Akio.cx (Contact Center as a Service) platform services”. It attests to the implementation of appropriate measures to protect sensitive customer information and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

AKIO’s ISO 27001 certification is the result of a rigorous compliance and control process. It reflects the company’s commitment to adhere to the best practices in information security and to ensure a high standard of protection of its customers’ data. This certification is also a guarantee to businesses that use AKIO software, as it ensures that data is processed and stored securely.

The security measures implemented by AKIO include managing access rights, routine data back-up, monitoring systems and networks, and ongoing information security awareness training for employees. AKIO also ensures that its software is regularly updated and incorporates the latest security technologies to tackle emerging threats.

By choosing AKIO, companies can be assured that their data is in safe hands and that they are benefiting from a secure software platform that complies with the strictest information security standards. The trust of our clients is essential in the field of customer relationship management, and AKIO strives to earn and maintain this trust through its robust security measures and recognised certifications.