TechNews – Akio Unified: Boost your contact center thanks to AI with the integration of Akio Insights


Discover the new integration for an omnichannel contact center boosted by AI and Insights, with our Voice of the Customer analysis software. Leverage valuable data to optimize your performance, better understand your customers and deliver a better customer experience.

The benefits of our new integration for Agent and Supervisor, to enhance the performance of your contact center:  

Maximizing agent efficiency 

“Automatic subject classification and sentiment detection help the agent make decisions at every moment” Gilles MOREAU, Product Owner

We understand the importance of maximizing your advisors’ time. Imagine a system that simplifies your advisors’ work by providing them with valuable decision support when processing requests. Thanks to our automatic subject classification system, your teams will be able to concentrate on the essentials.

Use case
An advisor dealing with billing issues will be able to quickly identify and prioritize requests related to this topic, thus improving efficiency.

Time optimisation 

“Achieving smaller goals increases advisor satisfaction and overall effectiveness.” 

That’s why our integration offers an automatically detected subject filter, reducing contextual changes and allowing your teams to focus on achieving their objectives. Thanks to the subject filter, advisors spend less time juggling different subjects, which increases their overall satisfaction and efficiency.
The subject filter also helps you define your priorities and work around them, rather than letting your feed randomly manage your priorities for you.

Use cases

For example, an advisor could filter the flow on the subject of “Damaged parcel” and deal successively with requests relating to this subject, spending less time switching from one subject to another, and thus absorbing a peak in activity linked to seasonality.
By modifying the “subjects” filter again, the advisor can focus on another subject at any time (emergencies, focus).


Simplified actions 

« “Being able to cross-reference quantitative contact center management data with automatically detected topics and sentiments to break down silos between departments and improve the customer journey” 

Thanks to our automatic subject classification system, your advisors can perform grouped actions on files directly from the list of requests.

Use cases

For example, an advisor can quickly archive or redirect a set of similar requests in a single action, based on a filter operated on a very fine subject detected automatically, saving precious time and boosting your team’s productivity.

Advanced visualization for supervisors 

“Understanding the Voice of the Customer in the contact center to improve your pro-activity in your collaboration with the rest of the company” 

Supervisors will benefit from a better understanding of your customers’ voice, thanks to a clear and detailed visualization of incoming e-mails by subject and sentiment over a given period.

Use cases

Using incoming flow statistics, the supervisor can visualize a sharp increase in the number of e-mails on a customer journey, such as “login” on the e-commerce site, and quickly alert the department responsible for website maintenance.


A supervisor will be able to anticipate the needs of the contact center by cross-referencing quantitative and qualitative data, enabling him or her to adjust resources accordingly and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Identification of areas for improvement 

“Voice of the Customer analysis cross-referenced with your statistics to identify topics in the customer journey where improvements are needed, whether in terms of tools or advisor training for better performance.” 

Our integration also enables you to identify topics requiring improvement in your contact center. In fact, the two new dimensions “subject” and “feeling” are available in the main indicators of your statistical reports, offering a clear and simple tool for visualizing and acting on customer and customer agent irritants.

Use cases
By analyzing the detected topics and feelings displayed thanks to the two new dimensions “detected topics” and “feelings” on the Average Handle Time (AHT) folder report, the supervisor can identify “topics” that are time-consuming or require tools or training for a new agent.

By combining our AI expertise in analyzing the voice of the customer with the handheld tools of our contact center advisors and supervisors, we offer a game-changing opportunity for your contact center, enabling you to better understand your customers and optimize your performance.

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