Air France and the “big data” phenomena

We’re proud to state that Air France has been a client of Akio Spotter for over 5 years. By adding new dimensions to the project every year, the brand was able to develop a strong worldwide media monitoring and analysis system across its departments. 

For the Communications Department, Akio Spotter monitors Air France’s owned and earned online media presence all over the world, including social media, printed press, television and radio. The project covers 14 languages and 20 countries. Since the implementation of the project, the corporate communication, press relations and digital communication teams, have used Akio Spotter’s platform to leverage effective management of the brand’s reputation.  For the Marketing Department, Akio Spotter has created a specific analytical model of the Air France customer journey, empowering the Customer Insights team to analyse customer feedback published on the web (public and specialised forums, blogs, reviews sites, social networks, online media). Throughout the course of the project, Akio Spotter ensured that all knowledge was transferred back to Air France, allowing teams to be autonomous when using all available data on the platform.

Three years down the line, Air France approached Akio Spotter for the implementation of a marketing intelligence platform to monitor the latest news of major competitors and market trends at a worldwide level. In 2015, Akio Spotter innovated with the development of a new module – the Insights Box. This module aims to keep the whole company informed by sharing many types of knowledge (including field knowledge) and online data about competitors. The platform is available for all Air France employees.