Cross-channel management - a modern and innovative way to supervise your teams

Optimise contact centre effectiveness



Real-time management indicators

Supervise your teams via interactive and dynamic dashboards


Supervisors can create any kind of dashboard with their supervision account. These dashboards allow them to monitor multi-channel interactions in real-time and manage the activity of their teams.


Dashboards can include data from any channel and feature a wide range of customisable widgets: line, values, lists, and many more. Dashboards have the capacity to adapt to the size of any screen and be sent to people outside of your company via a public web link.

Reporting and statistics

Improve your decision making process


Akio Unified provides supervisors with an extensive range of reports derived from information about all cross-channel interactions and the teams' activities/performance.

Supervisors have the option to choose from standard reports or create one from scratch. Reports can be subscribed by supervisors and/or be sent to a distribution list.


  • Real-time reports
  • Day+ reports
  • Aggregated reports for extended periods

Multi-channel supervision tools

Provide the best customer service. Every day.


In order for you to excel in customer service, Akio Unified provides your managers with a vast amount of possibilities to control the quality of your contact centre's activity.


  • Discreet and double conversation listening 
  • Call recording
  • Shared dashboards
  • Email validation systems
  • Check responses and other elements from agents via the "random selection" feature

Take your customer service to another level


Whether you have one or more channels, we can help you set up your contact centre quickly. Get in touch with us and make the most of all the advantages of a native multi-channel solution.