All customer channels are integrated in Akio Unified natively. No third party applications are required.



Incoming calls

On average, voice is the channel that customers prefer the most. A recent study conducted by BVA on 2016 revealed that 61% of customers prefer speaking on the phone with an agent. It is a key channel for any business as it enables the customer to be satisfied immediately. Akio Unified handles all incoming calls in a simple and cross-channel way. This module offers:


  • Smart call distribution
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call presentation to the agent with a multi-channel file return
  • Call transfer to standby status
  • Call transfer to another agent or queue
  • Outgoing call generation
  • Traceability, recording and qualification
  • Complete reporting and statistics
  • Real-time supervision and dashboards with customisable widgets

Akio Unified advantages

Access to the contact's history and multi-channel data in real time without changing screens

Send an email to the customer during the call

Merge a voice file with a web file (email/chat/messenger, etc.)


Web CallBack

This is an outgoing call management module feature. It enables anyone visiting your website to request to be called back immediately. It is a convenient and much needed channel in the customer journey that can help you increase customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates.


  • Contact button behavioural display
  • Personal callback assignment to the most skilled agent
  • Automatic call routing
  • Access to contextual contact browsing data
  • Authorised number management
  • Customisation of your website dialogue box, based on your brand design

Akio Unified advantages

Access the contact's history and multi-channel data in real time

Send an email during a call

Merge a voice file with a web file (email/chat/messenger, etc.)

Incoming emails

Email is another favourite channel for the majority of customers. Some even believe it is going to overtake incoming calls. This module offers several features, in particular:


  • Smart incoming email routing and sorting
  • Distribution via pull or push mode
  • External or internal request transfer
  • Knowledge base and spell checker
  • Response assistance with artificial intelligence
  • Grouped processing actions
  • Agent response validation workflows
  • HTML email templates for replies
  • Complete and customisable statistical reports
  • Real-time activity monitoring
  • Request qualification

Akio Unified advantages

Access the contact's history and multi-channel data in real time

Make an outgoing call from the email folder: handle several emails at the same time

Merge an email file with a file from another channel





Click to chat

Click to chat is a quick and convenient channel to interact with your customers in real-time. It is a crucial way to assist your customers while they're browsing your website, therefore improving your chances to increase the conversion rate by 25% (on average). Businesses that included our Click to chat module have seen a significant 30% drop in incoming calls.

Agents are empowered to:

  • Manage several conversations at the same time
  • Access the knowledge base for response assistance
  • Write quickly and correctly, thanks to a real-time correction tool
  • Transfer a conversation to another agent or service
  • Access the contact's multi-channel data and their history in real time
  • Qualify the request

Customers who can chat with an agent can:

  • Download the conversation history
  • Get a live estimate of the waiting time

Managers are able to:

  • Customise the chat conversation in the website
  • Configure the layout of the chat window in the website
  • Configure the size of the queue available
  • Configure the service's business hours
  • Set it up by simply copying and pasting a piece of HTML code to their website


Akio Unified advantages

Access the contact's history and multi-channel data in real time

Handle an email sent earlier by the customer

Generate an outgoing call to customers from the agent's multi-channel desktop

Social media

Akio Unified also enables you to handle conversation from social media. The conversations from these networks can be seen in the list of requests just like emails, with a status and a handling deadline. Take a look at an example with Facebook:


  • Community Managers can choose which conversations on Facebook require a more thorough customer service assistance and send them to Unified via a proprietary plug-in
  • The request is sent directly to the customer service team
  • The agent may reply directly on Facebook or through Akio Unified
  • The agent also has a button in Akio Unified that goes directly to the Facebook conversation without taking the overall context into account if necessary
  • The contact's Facebook profile is imported directly into their multi-channel profile.


Akio Unified advantages

Direct access to the contact's multi-channel profile

Generate a call to the customer directly from the multi-channel desktop

Possibility to merge this request with another request that contains the same subject

Facebook Messenger

A new and increasingly visible customer channel, Facebook Messenger has become essential for customer service.


  • Management of real-time and past messages.
  • Distribution in push mode by order of arrival and according to agents' availability
  • Presentation of the request along with the customer profile
  • Multi-conversation management
  • Message reception and reading warnings from the user
  • Attachment and video preview
  • Reminder message if no response from the user
  • Request qualification

Akio Unified advantages

Send an email to the customer during the conversation

Reply to a post published by the customer on social media

Generate a call from the multi-channel desktop

Outgoing call campaigns

This module completes the contact centre's tools.


  • Import contacts
  • Define segments and folders
  • Plan and define the campaign management rules
  • Activate the campaign in preview or progressive mode
  • Choose time slots
  • Multi-channel customer profile uptade
  • Note-taking, task management, knowledge base and other tools
  • Call qualification at the end of the conversation
  • Real-time supervision and sequencing actions
  • Control and statistics




Akio Unified advantages

Each outgoing call is logged in the multi-channel customer file which may be accessed in real time.

Its call blending technology enables calls to be made and received

Possibility to send an spontaneous email or reply to an email

Your customer experience matters. Akio Unified was conceived around cross-channel principles – interactions in different channels are seamlessly integrated

It is a customer data reference base which can easily integrate into other applications (ERP, EDM, BI, CRM, etc.). In addition, all multi-channel data can be used at a single point to facilitate analysis by your Marketing departments. Each conversation is structured and logged in a single folder and it may comprise several exchanges across several channels.
The smart routing role is to qualify and distribute intelligently all incoming multi-channel requests to agents, according to their skills and availability. The routing engine assigns a queue, a skill, a language and a priority to each interaction. Based on this qualification, the interaction is distributed in real-time to the most skilled agent or referred to all agents.
Interaction Datamart is an optional module that enables access to all data from an external Business Intelligence application. This unified datamart has been designed to be able to meet the specific needs of customer service centres for analysis, content, presentation and ease of access.
The knowledge base includes a library of standard responses for all channels. Each standard response may be assigned to one or more channels to guarantee consistency in the dialogue with customers.

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