The satisfaction of your customer starts with a happy agent.

Akio Unified was designed to simplify the life of your agents, so they focus on providing the best customer service.



The agent desktop

Manage all conversations easily


The interface

With Akio Unified, all agents benefit from on a collaborative and user-friendly interface, specially designed for contact centres.


  • Conversations are associated with a deadline and level of priority.
  • Agents can manage their own status (available for calls, on a break, available for chats, etc.) from the interface.
  • All conversations are tagged with a colour, which helps agents spotting the most urgent ones.




The remote control

When a conversation goes to Unified, the multi-channel remote control is activated. This remote control enables the agent to decide what to do with the conversations. For example, depending on the channel, agents can transfer the conversations to another agent, call a supervisor, transfer to another channel, place a call on hold or stop the chat distribution.




The dashboards

Akio Unified allows you to have a customised dashboard for each team within your company. Agents can see their own activity or the activity of the group they are part of. There are more than 300 widgets available on the dashboards, so you can have a global analysis of your team's activity in any way you imagine. Widgets are adaptable to any channel and include anaysis by agent, group or queue, measurement of average handling times, and much more. Dashboards can also adapt to the size of the screen they are displayed on.


The customer profile

Know who you're talking to quickly and simply



A cross-channel database

Akio Unified simplifies the workload of your agents by enabling them to access the customers' profiles at any time. Each interaction is saved in the customer profile for future reference. Agents can:


  • Search for a profile and merge duplicates
  • Modify a profile
  • Associate a customer profile with an interaction
  • Generate an interaction from the customer profile

Response assistance

Improve the quality of your customer service


Knowledge base

With an unlimited number of responses available, the knowledge base provides agents with:


  • Responses with or without attachments
  • Real-time assistance when writing sentences
  • Web links
  • Shortcut codes

Artificial Intelligence

Akio has a powerful artificial intelligence engine that can help agents create their responses. Whenever activated, agents receive the best suggestions for an answer, suitable with the customer's question. This feature also has a certain number of responses that can be sent to the customer directly. This prevents agents from spending too much time with low value-added questions.




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