• Akio Unified, an all-in-one customer service solution
    Cloud based, unified customer engagement platform

Deliver an omnichannel customer experience

Your customers are everywhere and will contact you through any channel available. Don’t lose sight of them!





Social media

Web callBack




Native multichannel platform

Akio Unified allows you to manage all channels via one single platform.


Simplify engagement and focus on your customers

Akio Unified provides your support team with cross-channel tools that make their work simpler while improving productivity and service quality.


A great customer experience starts with a satisfied support team. Akio provides your agents with tools that are powerful yet simple, keeping their workload light and enjoyable.



A multi-channel and collaborative interface

that receive all requests.



Customised cross-channel statistics

to monitor activity and performance.



Ready-made responses available

so agents can handle requests easily.



Stay on top of your performance

Akio Unified provides you with a global and personalised view of all of your activities.


Akio Unified provides managers and supervisors with all the necessary tools and KPIs to help them meet their objective and guarantee the best possible customer service.



Real-time management indicators

help you monitor your activites on the spot.



Various statistical reports so you keep

an eye on your customer experience "ups" and "downs".



Supervision tools adapted

to each channel.



Akio Unified was conceived to suit all companies

Benefit from a simple, cloud-based, high performance cross-channel customer service solution.


A simplified agent experience




A consolidated manager experience




A unified customer experience


Ready to transform your contact centre?


Whether you have a customer service centre with one or more channels, we can help you to put in place an omnichannel strategy, so your customers receive the answers they are looking for quickly and easily. You can also benefit from all of the advantages of a native multi-channel solution.