Akio Spotter, the complete listening and analytics platform of all types of media.

Efficient, simple and available in the cloud.



Monitoring and analysis

360° media analytics.


The Akio Spotter platform

Available in the cloud, our powerful and efficient cross-media monitoring platform centralises coverage from all media types in one place.


All relevant data is collected and organised according to your specific requirements and made available on our dashboards in real-time.


Users can zoom into any dashboard widget and gain immediate access to articles, tweets, posts, photos, comments, reviews, or any other type of media associated to the project.


  • DASHBOARDS - visualise data, indicators, KPIs and scores with our interactive dashboards.
    • Default dashboards: Overview and Influencers.
    • Custom dashboards:  Campaign Impact, PR Measurement, Competitors Benchmark, and others.
  • ANALYTICS - explore data with the Analytics module, the heart of the platform. Search, organise, annotate, qualify, analyse, share and publish accurate data.​
    • Create and diffuse alerts, newsletters and press reviews. 
    • Add summaries, post-its and even translate any document.
    • Take full control over your documents and update sentiment, risk level and importance.
    • ​Benefit from an advanced search engine that combines full-text, text-mining and metadata.



Project Support

Optimise your project





Benefit from the support of a dedicated project manager and team of experts.

Our team will accompany you throughout the whole duration of your project, so you can fully benefit from all of the features provided by the Akio Spotter platform. From the implementation stage or occasional modifications, to the recommendation of customised deliverables, the dedicated project manager is a key asset you can rely on.


  • Project setup
  • Project implementation and creation of a  monitoring plan
  • Management of sources, keywords, topics and sub-topics
  • Automatic or manual qualification
  • Categorization of data via queries implementation
  • Management of users profiles and rights
  • Project management
  • Email and phone customer support
  • Project follow-up via regular meetings
  • User and administrator training
  • Workshops for the conception and production of deliverables


Always stay one step ahead.


Reporting and publishing

The development of the platform, in terms of performance, features and UX is the main priority of our team of developers. Through an agile software development method, our teams are constantly improving our cloud platform and its modules. New and collaborative dashboard formats are continuously being developed in order for you to be successful.


  • Dynamic Reports - the latest generation of online reporting that is interactive and suitable for reading on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • Insights Box - an external module designed specifically to enrich and share insights about your brand, competitors and customers among your teams.


Start turning data into actionable insights.


Let Akio Spotter do the hard work. Benefit from a simple platform in order to stay on top of your online reputation, identify influencers and obtain a 360° view of your media performance.