Akio Spotter Services and Support

Make the most of our platform by integrating our expertise into your project.



A team of experts at your service

A detailed understanding of your objectives.


Akio Spotter is a complete monitoring and analysis system and our team is fully committed to optimizing the technical aspects of your project, as well as helping you achieve your objectives. From the implementation stage or occasional modifications, to the recommendation of customised deliverables, our team is a key asset you can rely on.


  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural teams.
  • Noise free, qualified information only.
  • Deep understanding of each country monitored.
  • Proprietary analytics technologies.
  • Ongoing training about new features and sources.
  • Workshops for the conception and production of deliverables.



Alerts & Newsletters

Stay on top of news and posts that matter.


Detect and share relevant data.

In order to avoid crises, receive in your email inbox or via SMS a selection of important articles, negative or sensitive mentions, influencer warnings, or anything else you’d like to keep a close eye on. Alerts and Newsletters are configured by your teams or by your dedicated project manager.


  • Alerts are delivered automatically based on a certain criteria (specific source, influencers, sentiment, volume, and others) and/or a specific keyword. Their main objective is to monitor sensitive topics to enable you to react quickly if necessary.
  • Newsletters are designed for a specific audience and contain a selection of documents, summaries and/or KPIs about a particular topic of your choice.

Syntheses, barometers and ad hoc studies

From big data to smart data.


Power your strategy with our analytical support

Our experienced team of multi-lingual experts will conceive, analyse, create and deliver your report or accompany your team in the production and customisation of it.


  • Syntheses: a quick global overview about any given brand, topic or event.
  • Barometers: presented in the form of an infographic, they include online reputation monitoring, as well the evolution of coverage, promoters, detractors and latest trends.
  • Ad hoc studies: composed of quantitative & qualitative indicators and syntheses, these are in-depth analysis reports that measure the ROI of your actions, track trends and identify weak signals. Ad-hoc studies can cover long periods of analysis, or be carried out over very short periods to assess the impact of a campaign, a product launch, or to understand the expectations and points of view of the media, influencers or customers about a particular topic.

Make the most of the Akio Spotter platform.


Our offer can be fully adapted to your needs. Choose the most suitable Akio Spotter platform module and complement it with any of our services.