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Akio Spotter

Akio Spotter is a complete listening and analytics system of media coverage, social conversations and customer feedback.


Monitor what is being said about your brand, identify your influencers, measure the impact of your campaigns, and drive your digital strategies.

We provide you with a dedicated project manager who will assist you with the definition of your monitoring plan, the layout and usefulness of the dashboards, and the adjustment of queries and themes in order for you to only visualize only the information that matters. In addition, our team of analysts can create tailor-made deliverables, such as ad hoc reports, studies and barometers.


  • Expertise: we have 20 years of experience in monitoring and analysis of all media types and sectors.
  • Sourcing: we possess a robust catalogue of relevant and qualified sources and continuously detect new sources.
  • Innovation: our technology is proprietary and 30% of turnover is reinvested in R&D. The platform is scalable, cloud and ready to be used on mobiles as well.
  • Global: we have the technical skills and the know-how to manage all languages and alphabets.



Monitoring of all types of media

Relevant data from millions of worldwide sources.




Akio Spotter platform

Akio Spotter handles more than 20 million documents daily by crawling and collecting all types of data, such as traditional, online and social media data and providing relevant insights via a user-friendly interface. All data is then organised according to your monitoring plan and displayed on your dedicated platform.


  • Websites, blogs, forums, social networks, as well as image and video platforms.
  • Reviews and comments from mobile applications and review websites.
  • Print press and TV/radio scripts provided by global information suppliers.
  • On top of all the collection, we're able to compile key and useful metadata, such as type of publication, Alexa ranking, number of followers, bio, geolocation, gender, and many more.


The Akio Spotter interactive dashboards allow you to track KPIs and make sense of all data, which is qualified by topic, sub-topic, sentiment and importance. Some of the search and analysis benefits include:


  • Linguistic and semantic analysis.
  • Automatic entity detection.
  • Coreference and reported speech extraction.
  • Ontologies and knowledge database.
  • Detailed sentiment analysis.
  • Automatic synthesis.


Obtain insights that matter.


From big data to smart data.

Akio Spotter helps you improve Marketing and Communications strategies and meet your objectives. We do this by measuring your online reputation, following sensitive topics in order to prevent crises, identifying promoters and detractors and discovering where people are talking about you.


  • Interactive and customisable dashboards
    • Benefit from a wide selection of widgets: KPIs, graphs, selection of documents, list of results, synthesis.
    • Navigate through different dashboards and zoom into widgets to get a deeper understanding of your project data.
    • Publish or export the dashboard to distribute within your company.


  • Barometers, studies and ad hoc reports
    • Created by our team of experts and supervised by your dedicated project manager.
    • Format, analysis style and indicators are always adjusted according to your needs.


  • Newsletters, email and SMS alerts, generated from the platform
    • Configured by your dedicated project manager or by your teams.




Ready to transform your monitoring and analysis system?


It doesn't matter what type of project you have, the dashboards you need, the deliverable you're thinking of... the Akio Spotter platform will adapt to your requirements and meet the specific needs of your teams in Marketing, Communications and Public Relations teams.