Akio is committed with the future of customer services!

"When it comes to customer service, companies are at very early stages of development. (...) There's still so much to be done and invent."

P. Giudicelli, President of Akio, for En Contact Magazine



Virtual assistant | Chatbot

Akio quickly entered the chatbot market by acquiring an innovative technology company called Dialonics (Orange spin-off) in 2012.


  • This conversational intelligence application specialised in e-commerce, enables businesses to provide the first level of support. It is also capable of processing heavy consulting loads.


  • It is ideal for freeing up customer service or providing level 1 responses when your contact centre is closed. It can also be connected with the back office of your website and provide status information about a package or order.


  • Our R&D teams are constantly working to improve the performance of this artificial intelligence so it can have specific features designed for other important sectors where digital activities are key (banking, insurance, services, and others).




Personal assistant

Mobile is on its way to become one of the most used channels for customer service. With that in mind, Akio anticipated this trend and acquired Dialonics in 2012, which provided highly innovative technology for personal assistants.


  • The Akio Personal Assistant is a mobile application which is able to talk to customers in their own language, as well as understand and answer requests in real time.
  • It is a relevant part of a successful customer experience.


    Take a look at the prototype!

Knowledge base

As early as 2000, Akio supported a University Research Program dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence within customer service. Akio quickly integrated the findings of this study into its offers and began proposing a knowledge base for agents or a self-service for customers visiting websites.


  • Akio continues to invest time and resources into this technology in order to continue to improve its offers.


Start'up program

Akio supports startups that aim to develop innovative solutions in order to improve the customer experience.


  • Akio's Start'up program provides assistance to businesses creating ground-breaking features that will improve customer engagement. This shows the importance and care that Akio takes in positioning itself very quickly in the innovative contact centre sector.


Below are some of the companies which are part of the program:


    Take a look at Digivoc

Innovation, the future of customer service.


Akio will be more than happy to share with you its short and mid-term vision, and learn more about your goals and vision of what lies ahead for customer service.