BizNews – New customers in France and in Europe for Akio Unified and ALE Connect powered by AKIO

They have put their trust in us: STELOGY is beefing up the membership service of RESAH (Réseaux des Acheteurs Hospitaliers) with Akio Unified. A new signature in France and a success story that continues in Europe for ALE Connect powered by AKIO with our partner ALE (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise): A1 – ALE’s N°1 partner in Austria – now trained and certified in ALE Connect and Cosmotel IT – ALE’s partner in Germany – which is deploying ALE Connect in omnichannel at DRK Düsseldorf (Red Cross).

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Hospital Purchasing Network: with Akio Unified, STELOGY muscles the RESAH member service 

RESAH – the leading purchasing group in the hospital sector, but which also has a growing number of members among local authorities – recently asked Stelogy (formerly VOIP Telecom) to enhance the capabilities of its member service by implementing Akio Unified, an omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

The commissioning of Akio Unified at RESAH is part of an ISO certification quality initiative launched in 2022, aimed at continuously improving the flexibility, integration with the information system and management indicators of RESAH’s call centre.

After Stelogy commissioned centrex telephony at RESAH in 2022 via its UCaaS Voice Manager (Unified Communications as a Service) platform, supplemented in April 2023 by the Akio TWS collaborative softphone, the deployment of Akio Unified at the end of 2023 means that RESAH’s member service agents now have access to a CCaaS platform delivering :

an ergonomic and efficient telephone call handling interface;

real-time agent assistance with a standard response database and an integrated Artificial Intelligence engine;

easy integration with existing business tools (there are plans to integrate the contact database and the index card with Dynamics 365, RESAH’s CRM);

– all the indicators, real-time dashboards and cold statistical reports, you need to effectively manage your business (calls in progress or waiting by queue, waiting time, occupancy time, Average Handling Time, occupancy rate, first contact resolution rate, etc.).

What’s more, Akio Unified, which is currently being deployed to handle telephone calls only, is natively omnichannel, so it will be possible for RESAH to move easily and instantly to handling requests received by the members’ service via all kinds of digital channels: email, chat or social networks.

Success of ALE Connect powered by AKIO in Europe with our partner ALE (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise) 

– A1 – Austria’s No. 1 ALE partner – now ALE Connect trained and certified
ALE and AKIO were invited to co-host an ALE Connect presentation with a live demo at A1’s KickOffs earlier this year in Salzburg and Vienna on 23 and 30 January, confirming A1’s decision to make a firm commitment to marketing ALE Connect powered by AKIO in 2024, ALE’s Hybrid Cloud strategy, which enables ALE customers to capitalise on their existing ALE On Premises telephony infrastructure by bringing the omnichannel dimension to their customer service call centres quickly and easily via the cloud.
Following on from these KickOffs, A1 completed its ALE Connect certification process by training and certifying its teams, heralding attractive sales prospects for ALE Connect on the Austrian market.

– Cosmotel IT – ALE partner in Germany – deploys ALE Connect in omnichannel at DRK Düsseldorf (Red Cross)
DRK Düsseldorf (Deutsche Rote Kreuz / Düsseldorf Red Cross) decided at the end of 2023 to “omnichannelise” its call centre by commissioning Cosmotel IT to deploy ALE Connect in addition to the existing PBX (OXE – OmniPCX Enterprise). By delivering a single application interface from the cloud, enabling agents to handle all types of request more efficiently, ALE Connect makes it possible to:

extend the processing capabilities of the Düsseldorf Red Cross contact centre to digital channels (e-mail, chat, social networks, etc.), without disrupting service and by capitalising on the existing telephone infrastructure;

– improve the quality of reception by enabling each agent to access the history of the relationship in real time, and to display the content of previous interactions in real time, even when they have been handled on another channel or by another agent, thus avoiding tedious repetition;

– and finally, to increase the productivity of each agent by providing them with a database of standard responses, as well as Artificial Intelligence to help them respond.