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Data collection and extraction

Discover the hidden gems in your customer journey


Data collection

  • Multilingual & multimedia: it doesn't matter how your customers are expressing themselves, which channels they're using or the language they're speaking. Akio Analytics is able to collect structured and unstructured data from contact centres (emails, chat, letters, etc), social media, blogs, forums, surveys, and many other types of data.

Assistance and methodology

  • Data quality: Akio Analytics filters relevant data thanks to its advanced collection rules and an intelligent control system.
  • Data categorisation: all data collected is characterised according to the channel used in the customer journey, the sector of activity, as well as the analysis objectives you previously set up for your business.



Content analysis

Access the data collected at any time, anywhere.


Semantic data content

Customised graph creator

Have access to the content of each verbatim

Take advantage of the possibilities available for creating graphs

Multi-criteria search

Data export

Launch a multi-criteria search on all or part of the data collected

Export data to Excel and retrieve graphs as images

Data qualification

Data sharing

Qualify data in order to meet specific categorisation requirements

Create personal searches, add comments, translate documents and share it with the rest of the team.


Easily understand the voice of the customer


Akio Analytics provides users with dashboards with the crunched data and relevant KPIs businesses need.

Customisable widgets

Akio Analytics provides a full catalogue of widgets: tag clouds, key performance indicators, graphs, radars, maps and more.

These dashboards may be customised to meet the specific needs of the teams.

Standard customer service widgets

  • Message tone analysis
  • Customer service contact reason analysis
  • Distribution by theme and tone
  • Customer satisfaction (NPS) and agent courtesy analysis
  • Top themes over a given period
  • Top # over a given period
  • Male/female distribution
  • Age distribution

Alerts and Newsletters

Collaborative decision-making and management assistance tools for customer service and marketing



Akio Analytics can provide managers with real-time alerts about certain happenings or behaviour, based on a specific analysis criteria defined by your business.

  • Sensitive information and legal threats
  • Influential customers
  • A certain number of complaints about a product


Newsletters allow you to share information and key performance indicators of any given period with your team or anyone else in the company.

  • Top 10 positive/negative customer verbatims
  • Top 10 contact reasons
  • Zoom in on the alerts of the week

Analytical reports

Share in-depth analysis through our reporting features


Any given period of time

Benefit from our expertise

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports
  • Each report holds a customised template and is provided in PDF format
  • Our multilingual analysts can help your teams produce any type of report
  • Reports can also be carried out on demand to get insights about a new topic

Specific topics

Dynamic Reports

Ad hoc studies carried out on demand in order to find answers to a specific question.

Dynamic Reports are a new breed of reports available and are provided in web format.

Technology is just a means, not an end-goal in itself

Our team will advise you on the definition of your project scope, the organisation of the analytical structure, and will accompany you through the setup stages to ensure that users get the most out of our tools and training.

We will remain present throughout the project, with support ranging from quality control to the assignment of an external monitoring team you can count on.

A user-friendly interface at your service

Our modular architecture enables us to create specific access conditions for different user profiles (teams, departments, subsidiaries) in order to maximise the efficiency of the tools.

Our dashboards can combine several levels, offering simple navigation with multiple levels of analysis. From your platform, you can publish graphs, newsletters and alerts, or share, qualify and annotate documents.

You can explore your data by using simple search queries, applying text-mining operations instantly, managing your sources, search queries and users... in just a few clicks.

Save precious time with our Client Support

You decide on the level of client support that you would like to have in your project. From the configuration of the platform to the qualification/analysis/filtering of the data, the production and publication of alerts, and creation of syntheses & reports.

We train your users on how to use the platform and make the best of our deliverables, but we also provide training on the definition of analytical models and the production of deliverables by your team.

Innovation is always at the heart of our developments

Our R&D department is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to provide a better user experience for our clients.

We work with the intent of creating new or improved technology to deliver innovative products and services. In addition, our collaborative approach allows customers and employees to regularly contribute with their own ideas for innovation.

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