• Akio Analytics, the voice of the customer explained
    Voice of the customer listening and analysis cloud platform

360° customer service and marketing analysis

Understand and analyse contact centre and social media verbatims


The conversations you have with your customers, as well as the conversations customers have with each other, have great value. There are many opportunities and improvement tips your business can gain when you take a closer look at what's being said in your contact centre and on social media. Akio Analytics allow you to collect, organise and analyse unstructured data, the same way you analyse structured data from your CRM, customer surveys and so on.


Akio Analytics analyses the voice of the customer so you are able to


  • Understand customer expectations
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Improve the customer experience

Decrypt the voice of the customer

Akio Analytics collects and analyses your customers' verbatims, regardless of where conversations were held.


Data Collection/Extraction

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of content

Key performance indicators

Customisable dashboards

Satisfaction score

Production/distribution of newsletters and reports

Know your customer

Benefit from the insights generated by the voice of the customer analysis and improve your decision-making process


Graphical representations of the voice of the customer can truly help you determine the state of your customer experience.

By being on top of what your customers are saying, you can adjust strategies, define new objectives and improve the customer experience.

Fine tune customer journeys

Adjust your product offer

Akio Analytics enables you to quickly identify bottlenecks in your customer journeys and rapidly adapt to any change.

The analysis of the voice of the customer also enables you to improve your products, anticipate issues, prevent crises and more.

Improve your company's approach

Complete your NPS analysis

By analysing verbatim, agents can be trained to use the same vocabulary used by customers. This is key when creating a bond with your customers.

Complement your NPS or other satisfaction surveys with semantic analyses provided by Akio Analytics.

Would you like to understand what your customers are saying across all channels?


Take advantage of our expertise to improve your customer knowledge. Our team will help you customise KPIs and conceive specific dashboards.