TechNews – Akio TWS: v5 validated on version R8.1 of Mitel MiVoice 5000


Since its launch in 2001, Akio TWS has established itself as an avant-garde software suite in the world of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), enhanced by presence management and collaborative softphone functionalities.

A CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), presence management and collaborative softphone software suite, Akio TWS was designed from the outset in 2001 to be multi-platform, supporting the main standard protocols (CSTA phases 1, 2 and 3; SIP; JTAPI; TAPI; etc.) and proprietary protocols (VTI-XML, ATPC3, etc.) available on the market. This open approach means that Akio TWS is compatible with the main PBXs on the market: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise; Mitel; Unify (formerly Siemens); Cisco; etc., as well as with Centrex hosted telephony infrastructures, or those based on Asterisk Open Source technologies.

This rigorous multi-platform validation strategy ensures that our existing partners and clients, as well as our future clients, can secure their investment in Akio TWS and sustainably capitalize on any developments and integrations they have made with TWS Toolkit, regardless of changes or evolution in their telephony infrastructure.

More specifically for Mitel telephony environments, Akio TWS – which had even been OEMised and introduced into the Mitel catalogue under the TWP brand between 2003 and 2017 – has always had its compatibility validated with successive versions of Mitel PBXs (formerly Matra/EADS Télécoms, Aastra Telecom, but also Ascotel and Ericsson): M6000, MX-One, Ascotel Intelligate, NeXspan, Aastra 400, Aastra 500, Aastra 800, Aastra 5000, and finally MiVoice 5000.

Today, many MiVoice 5000 users are considering migrating to the latest version of MiVoice 5000 – MiVoice 5000 R8.1 – and are reassured to know that this change will have no impact on their Akio TWS environment.

More details on the validation process follow:
> MiVoice 5000 R8.1 version
> Akio TWS v5.0, v5.1, and v5.2 versions 
> Validated protocols (connection with the PBX and user supervision) : VTI-XML, CSTA, and SIP

Nota :

VTI-XML is Mitel’s proprietary protocol. VTI-XML is still present in MiVoice 5000 PBXs, but Mitel no longer provides support and upgrades for this protocol. As VTI-XML is not subject to licensing, AKIO continues to validate and support TWS on this protocol, as it is free and functionally rich.

CSTA (Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications) is a standard protocol available and supported on most PBXs on the market, including Mitel. In the Mitel environment on the MiVoice 5000 PBX, CSTA is subject to licensing.

In a MiVoice 5000 environment in CTI mode (coupling/driving a physical telephone), TWS can use either the VTI-XML protocol or the CSTA protocol.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a standard protocol available and supported on most PBXs on the market, including Mitel. In a Mitel environment on a MiVoice 5000 PBX, SIP is subject to licensing.