TechNews – Akio Insights: Explore your customer data like never before!

New features for more powerful and intuitive analysis of customer interactions.

At AKIO, we are convinced that understanding your customers is one of the keys to a company’s success. That’s why we’re proud to present the latest innovations from Akio Insights, our AI-based SaaS platform for analysing customer interactions and feedback.

Insights just a click away  

Say goodbye to long, tedious analyses! Akio Insights’ new faceted filter lets you identify the key points in your customer data. Find out which topics are raised most often by your customers, the friction points during the customer journey and much more, in just a few clicks.

Customise your dashboards and reports with ease 

  • Dashboard library: take advantage of a selection of pre-configured templates to save time and get instant insights
  • Simplified creation and modification: an intuitive interface for customising your dashboards and obtaining the information you need.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities: Explore your data in depth with powerful filtering and segmentation options.

Akio Insights: the essential ally for a better understanding of your customers 

  • Identify trends and levers for improvement.
  • Understand your customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Make decisions, thanks to concrete data.

Enrich your customer experience today! Request a free demo and find out how Akio Insights can help you realise the full potential of your customer data.

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