BizNews – Akio Insights: Kiabi, listening to customers in the conversational age


For almost 7 years, French fashion retailer Kiabi has been using Akio Insights, the customer feedback and interaction analysis platform, to monitor customer experience in three target markets: France, Italy and Spain.

Kiabi is now integrating new conversational channels such as chat and messaging: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for customer experience analysis via Akio Insights.

Akio Insights thus provides Kiabi with a centralised view of all the channels through which customers express themselves: emails sent to customer service, customer reviews, post-purchase satisfaction surveys, posts and comments on social networks, chat / messaging conversations.

Consistent categorisation of feedback by topic and sentiment enables Kiabi to gain an in-depth understanding of its customers’ expectations and to monitor them on a daily basis.

Akio Insights Voix du Client

With Akio Insights

Logiciel centre d'appel - KIABI

Strengthens its Customer Knowledge by collecting and analysing all customer interactions, including the most spontaneous and emotional.

Identifies areas for improvement and acts quickly to correct irritants and optimise the Customer Experience.

Identifies the expectations and specific characteristics of each market and adapts its offering and communications accordingly.

Delivers relevant insights to the various departments via reports and tracking of changes in Customer Satisfaction over time to help them make better decisions.