The 3 key principles for a successful unified customer experience


Whether you already have vast experience or are new to the management of client interaction management, whether you have just a few agents or several internal and external call centres to manage, Akio provides you with personalised assistance throughout your entire duration of the project!



Choose one single tool to handle all customer channels. Simplify the customer service across the entire company.


Adopt an agile approach, backed by a team of experts. Make sure you stay on track with your objectives and aligned with your main performance indicators.


Keep your agents satisfied and your customers happy. Allow your teams to enjoy the simplicity of a cross-channel customer engagement platform.

What's at stake?

Akio advises you about your customer service requirements and objectives. A dedicated consultant will work closely with you and help to apply the best solutions for your contact centre.




How do you meet your objectives?

After setting up any of the Akio solutions, a dedicated consultant will assist you in every step of the way and be able to recommend the best functional and operational choices in order to optimise results.


How can you optimise results?

Considering that agent satisfaction is an essential aspect of a successful unified customer experience, Akio assists you with your training and change management requirements, using a methodology that is adapted to your requirements.


Seamless assistance



A team of experts at your service


Customer interactions are our business!

Your success is our objective!

Our consultants are experts in the unique aspects of customer interactions, customer service and contact centres, as well as specialists in the training of agents. You can count on their expertise throughout the life of your project.

Akio consultants work smartly on your projects. They ensure that you have all the skills and tools you need to optimise the effectiveness of your customer service.

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Watchful support

We too work tirelessly to improve your customer experience


Akio is focused on providing the best support to its clients, in a transparent and agile manner. All clients have a dedicated portal to interact with our experts by phone, email or chat.


A team trained to help you

A personalised customer portal

Our customer support team pays a lot of attention to your requests and feedback. Its experts can provide you with concrete solutions and help you improve your activity.

As an Akio client, you will have access to a dedicated web portal where you can report requests and track when and how they are going to be solved.

Users club

A Users Club to obtain valuable information about other clients' experiences



The Akio Users Club is open to all of all our clients. It currently has 200 members. The purpose of the Club is to encourage and promote discussions about good customer service practices. It is animated by an external consultant in order to guarantee independence and creativity.

Advice workshops

Feedback based on experience

The goal of these workshops is to promote discussions between clients who use Akio. Users get together in small groups to discuss their best practices and how they use Akio Unified. These workshops are run by an external consultant who is invited by the Club's President.

These gatherings provide Akio clients with the opportunity to listen to another client's experience about a specific aspect or feature of their contact centre. All participants are encouraged to take part in the discussions, so everyone can obtain meaningful and actionable insights.

Product workshops

An expert at your side!

The product workshops are led by the Akio Product and R&D teams. Their main objective is to involve our clients in the development of our products. During these workshops, the teams present and discuss the current roadmap, in order to discover new needs and prioritise new developments.

Jacques Piot, a Senior Customer Service Consultant, is the President of the Club. He coordinates and runs the club's different activities and is always available help connect its members.

The best of both worlds. Combine our solutions with an intelligent team of experts.


We're committed to your success. Get in touch and let us explain how.