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Akio Unified for operators


Centre de Contact Cross Canal

SFR Business integrates Akio Unified into its cloud solution environment: Centre de Contacts CrossCanal. The objective is to provide companies with a single solution to manage all of its contacts effectively (voice, email, chat, social networks, and others).

Flexible Contact Center

Orange Business Services has chosen Akio to expand the range of services available for its customers by proposing a unified customer engagement platform in SaaS mode: Flexible Contact Center.

Centre de Contact Cross Canal


Why choose Centre de Contact CrossCanal?

  • Manage teams remotely via extranet management interface.
  • No maintenance, SFR Business takes care of everything.
  • Available for all channels

Centre de Contact Cross-Canal is available in the Express version. This version is suitable for your business if you want to take advantage of all the functional advantages of a professional contact centre, even if you only have a few positions (between 5 and 20 agents connected at the same time). In addition, it only takes up to 2 weeks to set your business up with a scalable and economic platform.


Ressourcial, Gifrer, Meriadeck, Catequip, Paragon, VPC Fleurs, Phydherma, Apreva, La Poste Mobile, La Direction générale des Finances publiques, Vinci, Conrad, EDF, IP Santé, Mediapost, Transilien and more.

The expert's opinion

Take a look at a video interview with a Centre de Contact Crosscanal expert.

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Flexible contact center



Why choose Flexible Contact Center?

Benefit from a cloud solution!

  • A simple Internet connection is all you need to use the service.
  • Payment by usage.
  • Solution ready to go in only a few weeks.
  • Real-time management made easy.

Flexible Contact Center can provide your business with the most suitable solution, regardless of your sector and needs.



BPCE (Monbanquierenligne.fr), Laboratoires Fabre, Caisse des Dépôts, Domofinance, Cetelem, Caisse d’épargne, Grant Thornton, Orange and more.

The solution for your needs

If you relate to this video... then our offer is made for you.

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Discover the Akio ecosystem

Together, EDF R&D and Akio developed the first chat application for customer service in the French market: Akio Chat Center.


Orange Business Services and Akio have been partners since 2002. Orange Labs, a special department focused on Research and Development, contacted Akio to help them with technical and functional validations of their solutions. Once the validation phases were completed, Akio provided its solutions to all Orange Business Services customers.


SFR Business has been supporting Akio since 2010 with the development of the Akio Unified offer. The Akio and SFR Business R&D teams work closely together to continue on improving this offer.


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Akio is surrounded by the best players in the customer service market. The partnerships allow clients to benefit from personalised services, which cover their specific needs and wants. The Akio partner program brings together players in the fields of research and development, consultancy and outsourcing.