Check out AKIO in the 2024 mapping of innovative startups in Europe by Hub France IA

We are proud to announce that AKIO has been included in Hub France IA’s 2024 mapping of Artificial Intelligence start-ups. This recognition marks an important step forward in our drive for innovation in customer relations.

High-level recognition

We are proud to announce that AKIO has been included in the Map 2024 of AI start-ups, produced by Hub France IA. This prestigious ranking aims to identify and promote the most promising start-ups in Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The project aims to increase the visibility of startup ecosystems, provide an operational overview for buyers and users, and analyse the impact of the AI ecosystem in Europe.

The Hub France IA association works on accelerating the development and adoption of responsible, ethical and sovereign Artificial Intelligence. With over 150 members and partners, the association plays a crucial role in France’s national AI strategy.

Why AKIO? Our Distinctive Assets

At AKIO, our mission is to significantly transform customer relations through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions, enabling more efficient and personalised interactions. As a provider of omnichannel contact centre software, AKIO was selected for its innovations and their significant impact on the customer experience market. Several factors contributed to our selection by Hub France IA:

  • Technological innovation

Our platforms incorporate advanced technologies such as automatic natural language processing (NLP), interaction analysis, generative AI and anonymisation.

These innovations offer :

    • Smooth customer experiences, enabling agents to respond quickly and accurately, and supervisors to manage operations more effectively.
    • Real-time analysis of the Voice of the Customer and Reputation for customer experience and marketing professionals, for an ever deeper understanding of consumer expectations and needs.
  • Proof of Concept

Our AI solutions have proven their effectiveness in improving scores on key performance indicators such as customer satisfaction and resolution time. Our clients, such as Bruneau and Kiabi, are benefiting from tangible results thanks to the integration of our technologies:

Experience feedback

A qualitative boost for customer service agents thanks to AI at Bruneau 

Kiabi: listening to customers in the conversational age

  • Expertise and Engagement

Our team of passionate experts works closely with users to tailor our solutions to the specific challenges of each business, ensuring optimal adoption and use.

Recognition for exemplary teamwork

AKIO’s recognition by Hub France IA is the fruit of the collaborative work of our teams of developers, data scientists and customer experience specialists. Their constant monitoring of technological developments, their passion and determination have enabled us to develop innovative and effective solutions.

These developments are part of an ambitious roadmap, including the evolution and convergence of the products in the Akio.cx software suite: Akio Unified, Akio TWS and Akio Insights, with data security at the heart of our approach. Certified ISO 27001:2022, AKIO is committed to a plan to formalise compliance with new regulations such as HDS, NIS 2 and SecNumCloud, guaranteeing maximum protection for systems and information.

Synergies within the AI Ecosystem: An Opportunity for Buyers

AKIO’s inclusion in the Hub France IA map opens up new opportunities for companies looking for innovative AI solutions. As a potential partner, you benefit not only from our cutting-edge technologies but also from privileged access to a dynamic network of AI startups, fostering unprecedented synergies to maximise added value in your customer relationship management processes.

An ongoing commitment to excellence

Being recognised by Hub France IA reinforces our commitment to innovation and to pushing back the boundaries of AI in the service of customer satisfaction.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for their trust and constant support. This recognition is further motivation to continue to excel and transform the customer experience.

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