10-14 June – Entrepreneurs’ Summit – G20 YEA 2024


Patrick GIUDICELLI, CEO and founder of AKIO, represents France at the G20 YEA in Brazil.

Each year, G20 members meet to discuss key economic and social issues, including sharing knowledge for a better world. In parallel to this event, the G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance) brings together 800 young entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups from the 20 member countries.

Patrick GIUDICELLI has been selected to represent France at the 2024 Games, which will take place in Brazil from 10 to 14 June, on the theme of ‘Building a just world and a sustainable planet’.

AKIO’s bid stood out thanks to its innovative work in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Unified Communications.

« It’s an honour, and a responsibility, to have been chosen as one of the key players to represent France at this prestigious event. It’s also great recognition for our multicultural teams, who work hard every day to develop high-performance, secure and innovative Customer Relationship Management software, with a real commitment to minimising environmental impact. This year’s theme resonates particularly well with our values and with the growing awareness of the urgent need to work together for the future.»  P. GIUDICELLI

Patrick GIUDICELLI and the French Delegation 

The involvement of the delegation’s entrepreneurs is matched only by their enthusiasm, and they are mobilised to carry out their mission with passion. The kick-off meeting took place at the beginning of June at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris, providing an opportunity to forge links between the members of the French Delegation, share ideas and prepare for the forthcoming summit.

The 2024 edition of the G20 Entrepreneurs’ Summit will be held under the patronage of the French Minister for the Economy, Finance, Industrial Sovereignty and the Digital Economy.

About the G20 YEA 

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is a global network of entrepreneurs aiming to bring together young entrepreneurs from G20 member countries. Their aim is to propose initiatives that promote growth, innovation and employment, while promoting a sustainable future.

The French Delegation to the G20 YEA 2024 

Citizen Entrepreneurs, the association responsible for putting together and leading the French delegation to the G20 YEA Summit, has announced the names of the 24 companies that will represent France at the 2024 Entrepreneurs’ Summit in Goiânia, Brazil.

See the full list below.

Le Sherpa : EXPENSYA (Karim Jouini, CEO)


AKIO (Patrick GIUDICELLI, Président-Fondateur) / ALEGRIA GROUP (Thomas Bonnenfant, Co-founder & COO) / ARCHIE (Devan Ahmed, Founder) /AVENTA (Aurélien Zuccarini, Co-fondateur) / AYOMI (Harold Zime, CEO & Co-founder) / INSKIP (Maxime Guillaud, Président et Fondateur) / KAIROS FORTUNA (Aurelie Billat Payet, Fondatrice et CEO) / LOGIROAD (Yann Goyat, Président et Fondateur) / NORAKER (Celine Saint Olive Baque, PDG) / QUALISOCIAL (Camy Puech, CEO et Fondateur) / SUNY MANAGEMENT (Eloy Pechier, PDG) / TOUCAN TOCO (Baptiste Jourdan, Co-fondateur et CRO) / TROUBLEMAKERS (James Hagger, CEO et Founder)

Advisors :

AMEXIO (Xavier Morcillo, Président Fondateur) / STRADA (Xavier Lebeault, Président et CEO)

Start-ups :

BAE INNOVATION (Xavier Beaunol, CEO et Fondateur) / CALIFRAIS (Simon Bussy, PhD., CEO et Co-fondateur) / MORFO (Pascal Asselin, Co-fondateur) / PGT GROUP (Sihame Allali, CEO) / SCENIUS LAB (Badre Zouhir, CEO) / STORYFOX (Julie Machillot, CEO) / VIVINNOV (Hélène Mariette, CEO)

These entrepreneurs are committed to becoming key players in an inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic recovery, while raising the profile of the French economy internationally.

To find out more:

Citizen Entrepreneurs
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