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The Other Store

An e-retail partner for a cross-channel customer experience

Founded in 2008, The Other Store is an e-retail partner.

Today, The Other Store supports 18 brands (e.g. Naf Naf, Claudie Pierlot, Aigle…) and helps them in setting up, developing and managing their online shops: e-shop.

[10 advisers, 350,000 orders processed in 2014]


"Dealing with over 10,000 interactions per month, Akio Unified allows us to manage the customer services for 18 brands that we work for. With Akio, we have managed to break the existing silos to provide a high quality service level to customers and prospects in a very short delay."
Kaouthare Bassit, Customer Relationship Manager, The Other Store
Background and Project objectives

In 2013, The Other Store increased the revenue of each e-shop and acquired new brands to its portfolio. To support its growth, the company built on its customer relation’s restructuring, with the number one priority being: quality of customer service. The focus was first put on incoming emails, then The Other Store gradually integrated the management of incoming calls in order to complete its cross-channel customer strategy.

The newly created customer service for the different brands must enable the brand to make profit, whilst increasing the loyalty of end-users through the quality of the answers provided to their clients, by contributing to increased sales, and by measuring and optimising the quality and profitability of its business.

Akio modules
Results / ROI
  • Integration of voice into the new platform in less than 6 weeks (full SaaS architecture)
  • Flexibility to adjust capacity of platform according to season (sales period) and the integration of new brands acquired during the year
  • Autonomy of advisers to manage the platform administration through dedicated training provided to client advisors
  • Optimisation of the Quality of Service and higher productivity levels: reduction in the processing time per customer case, without the need for additional resources.




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