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Heading towards unification of all media: voice, email, letter and fax



Since 1996 Mutieg (insurance company for energy and gas Industries) has been respecting values such as solidarity and sharing. Mutieg  provides health insurance mainly for employees or retired people working in the energy and gas industries.

Following sharing values, Mutieg also offers its insurance service for people working outside the energy and gas industries.

[500 000 customers, 100 agents, 4 media]



"With a crosscanal strategy, there is a great opportunity to reform our approach, to modernize it, while keeping in mind that it is inevitably necessary to continue to reduce our costs."
Christophe Candé, CEO Mutieg
Background and objective of the project :

Since 2011, Akio helps Mutieg in defining a crosscanal approach for its 4 interaction media : voice, email, letter and fax.

Training for agents, creation of a unique reference table, redefinition of customer routes,  the front office application of Mutieg is optimized to answer better the customer.


Products by Akio


Results / ROI :
  • a better knowledge for each customer thanks to a crosscanal client history
  • optimised monitoring for each contact center


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