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E-mail, an important media for the follow-up for its members requests


First mutual insurance company for health and social care services, the MNH Group  (National mutual insurance company for medical professionals) offers health coverage and a provident insurance for healthcare and social professionals and social as well as their relatives.

[1 million members, 70 agents]

« We have been working with Akio for 8 years now ! Akio tool enables to facilitate incoming emails and to be more reactive on emails coming from our members and our prospects. »
Claudine Briquet-Champroux , IT manager
Background and objective of the project :

The national mutual insurance company for health and social care services chose Akio technology for managing its incoming e-mails. In the perspective of implementing a crosscanal strategy, the company wishes to offer  a reminder system via SMS.


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Résultats / ROI :
  • improvement in the email process
  • follow-up and traking of the different requests of its members


Requested channels: