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Crosscanal customer relationship with Béa, a virtual assistant


BrandAlley is leading private-sales site with a unique offering across fashion, beauty, homeware and lifestyle. With 5 million unique visitors per month, BrandAlley offers private sales coming from the current collection, shops outlets and daily private sales.

[12 agents, 40 000 emails/month, 700 chat conversations /month]



"Nowadays it is not possible to imagine a visitor leaving your web site just because he did not find any answer to his question. Thanks to Akio Unified Interaction Center, we can answer a customer by having all the history of his contacts. It is an great advantage regarding productivity, customer relationship and quality of service."
Alexandre Baron, customer service director
Background and objective of the project :

BrandAlley quickly faced with an increase in the number of incoming emails. The company decided to work with Akio to optimise the management of its emails and relieve the activity of its customer service.

BrandAlley chosed Akio Mail Center and more recently a module combining chat and virtual assistant.


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Results / ROI :

50% increase in quality of service :

  • a number of contacts by order divided by 2
  • 90% of emails receive an answer within 24 days
  • 80% of telephone contacts are processed within 30 secondes

better productivity rate :

  • customer service department has doubled its ability to process emails while keeping the same staff of origin



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