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Key topics of 2017? Multichannel, omnichannel, voice of the customer, customer knowledge and customer experience

On behalf of everyone at Akio, we would like to wish you all a very happy and successful new year! Whether you work in client relations, marketing, digital strategy, communications, IT, contact centres, client support or community management, we hope that 2017 will be a year of excellence in customer experience that will lead to long lasting and trustworthy relationships.

Last year, multichannel and omnichannel strategies, customer knowledge and customer experience with innovations in the analysis and treatment of the voice of the customer, were key aspects for all companies, and they will continue to be in 2017! Akio was one of the pioneers on these topics, and we will continue to innovate so that we will always provide top level solutions.

In 2016, we were proud to release the Omnichannel Transformation White Paper (in French). It featured concrete and pragmatic solutions for all companies involved in or impacted by the digital era and the omnichannel customer.

This paper was inspired by the Omnichannel Transformation Manifesto, which is available on our Slideshare account (in French).​

2016 was also the year of the new version of Spotter Pulse, our complete listening and analytics system for media coverage, social conversations and customer feedback. It included a complete redesign of the interface, as well as more user-friendly functionalities and faster calculation of key indicators. The new Spotter Pulse platform and our analysis services can be seen on our brand new website!​

For 2017, we are preparing:

| An upgraded version of our unified cross-channel customer conversational platform, Akio Unified 7… ​​

| …and a special offer dedicated to the analysis of the customer voice.

 2017 will be full of innovations… Stay connected!

 At the beginning of the year, our customers will attend a special event put together to present and discuss Kiabi’s latest experience with our solutions. Presented by Kiabi’s Customer Service Director, the event is called “From Akio Email to Akio Unified”.

We look forward to meeting you at some of the major client relations and marketing events: ​

| Stratégie Clients and eMarketing in April (Paris); ​

| L’éléction du Service client de l’année, in October (Paris); ​

| Customer Service & Marketing Meetings, in November (Monaco).

…and we hope to have other opportunities throughout the year!


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